Resources to learn Italian: courses and beyond


It's possible to research a course thanks to a database, made available by the Province of Bologna: Via search engine you can select the course, the level and the time you prefer.
Some courses are proposed by CdLei and the Circolo La Fattoria; also Ya Basta Organisation, in collaboration with the community center TPO, oroses many Italian courses for migrants. Others organisation, in collaboration with Sala Borsa, propose courses in the library.
Moreover, in Imola takes place an Italian course for migrant women, proposed by the intercultural centre Trame di Terra.
Libò's project since 2011 expanded his activities to radio and, thanks to the collaboration with Città del Capo Radio Metropolitana, it transmits cycles of episodes addressed to those, who are interested to learn Italian. Discover on the website how to listens episodes.